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The year 1963, The place of Taj Nagri i.e. Agra in Uttar Pradesh, The story of OP Chains Group began only one who manufactured silver chains in Northern India and it has completed more than 51 years of its glorious existence, the company is renowned for its quality and performance.One of the established names in the Silver Chains & anklets manufacturing having state –of-the art plant at Agra using Italy machineries. Company diversified its business since 1993 continuously ie. In Cold Storages on Hathras Road in 1993, In Bullion (Silver & Gold Trading) in 2000, In Real Estate sector (Commercial & Residential) in 2005, In Jewellery business (Gold, Diamond, Silver in retail as well as wholesale ) in 2006, In power sector in 2009 in Rajasthan. Company’s success is driven by their highly dedicated and motivated people & their commitment to get the results the right way ie. By operating responsibily, executing with excellence, applying latest & innovative technologies.

In OP Chains Group, people work with a full set of complementary skills which are required to complete a task, job, or project. Team members operate with a high degree of independence, share authority and responsibility for self-management, accountable for the collective performance and work toward to make the company proud on them. A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.

Group’s Principal- “Our Word is the Bond”

The assurance was the integrity and word of the individual. People’s livelihood depended on it. Their life was bound up in their word and trust was not something to be taken lightly.Promises or offers to help or to do something should not be made lightly. The trustworthy person doesn’t rashly issue vain words that sound good at that time, of which they either don’t intend to follow through with, or of which they are not confident they can fulfill.

Group’s Moto – “Building Unity”

A true showcase of “Quality & Performance”, the company has been able to connect very strongly with its customers at an emotional level. With this throught as a constant reminder of company’s values, everyone at OP Chains Group strive to keep up the standards & contrive with the excellent work year after year for many years to come.


Improving people’s quality of life by unmatched quality, value & customer service of our product by our actions, decisions & programmes to foster productivity & maximize returns to create a better future for our customers, our employees, our business associates and all other stakeholders and to establish ourselves as one of the major groups in India.


To provide customers with best value for their investment by furnishing them finest products & unbeatable services. We also endeavor for continual opportunities for the sustainable growth & enrichment for our group, our people and the communities in which we operate by exercising proficient and responsible corporate citizen’s leadership.

About Logo

The four arrow shape indicates the diversification and focus towards the growth of the group into various segments of businesses together. We have used blue color in the logo; It shows trust, loyalty and integrity.



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