OP Chains Power

Incorporated in the year 2009, OPC POWER is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of highly advanced wind electric generators (WEGs). wind electric generators to set up wind farms to generate power. The company has 3 MW power plant having 1.5 MW each at Rajasthan. OPC POWER today develops and manufactures technologically advanced, high-performance and cost-efficient wind turbines. Our turbines are developed to specifically meet the diverse needs of customers all around the world.

OPC POWER offers customers’ end-to-end wind energy solutions, including wind resource mapping, site development and installation, and finally operations and maintenance services in India. This allows OPC POWER to offer Indian customers economies of scale, and eliminates the need for customer involvement in the complex process of wind farm development. OPC POWER has a well setup factory with skilled work force. In house Training is being imparted to all the Technicians so that they are aware of the latest advancements in Wind Farming.

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Our Mission

To contribute for the development of Renewable energy through the development of Wind Farms to harness power from Wind energy. To decrease the effect of Global warming through the development of alternate energy sources. To adopt newer strategy in order to economize the cost and improve the performance of Wind Turbines through Continual Improvement leading to Business Growth.

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Wind Process

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Wind power is the world’s fastest-growing energy source and a vital part of mankind’s response to the global warming and security of future energy supplies. With feed-in-tariffs or green-certificate systems being in place in many countries, there is steady global demand for emission-free wind power that can be installed quickly and almost everywhere in the world. In contrast to other generation sources, the price for the fuel needed over the total lifetime of a wind turbine is well known: it is zero. Contact Details : Power House – Village – Ramsingh Nagar, Shergarh, Distt-Jodhpur, Rajasthan.